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Rugby Safe

RugbySafe, supported by Simplyhealth, is the RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme. It puts player welfare at the heart of the game and covers how to organise and manage the game so that it is played
in a safe and enjoyable manner. Fareham Heathens Rugby Club is committed to it's responsibility towards the health and safety of players, staff and volunteers.

First Aid

If you would like to become a first aider please contact the Rugby Safe Lead.

A list of the current First Aiders are contained on GMS and in the Medical Emergency Action Plan.

First aid Policies & Documents:

Headcase - Concussion

The England Rugby HEADCASE Concussion Guidelines provide comprehensive information and guidance including how to recognise a suspected concussion, how a suspected concussion should be managed, and good practice to reduce the risk of concussion in players. At all community levels of rugby, if a player displays one or more observable signs or symptoms of concussion, they should be removed from the pitch immediately irrespective of whether it is a match or training session.

Return to play club policies:

Injury Reporting

It is extremely important that injuries get reported as soon as possible. Complete the online form with as much detail as possible so that it can be sent to the relevant places.

Mental Wellbeing

It is estimated that one in four people will experience a mental health illness each year in the UK. For these people, the pressures and strains of life and work can act as a catalyst to mental health problems, with the most common being depression and anxiety.

The links between good physical health and mental health are well recognised. Physical activity such as playing rugby can be very beneficial for mental health and wellbeing as well as bringing physical benefits.


Clothing For Rugby

There is a vast amount of different clothing, footwear and protective equipment available to buy. While most items are suitable, it is important to be aware that all clothing and footwear worn during any rugby activity should comply with World Rugby (WR) regulations.

View the club Clothing Policy: 


Activate is the RFU’s Injury Prevention Exercise Programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions. Exercises are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility, helping players with the game’s physical demands.

Regularly doing Activate exercise can:

  • Improve playing performance

  • Prepare players for the physical demands of the game

  • Reduce the risk of injury including concussion, as well as support rehabilitation post injury

  • Mean more players are available (due to less players being injured)

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